Ankit Lal is a Social Media
Strategist, trainer, consultant,
campaign evangelist, researcher
and a budding author

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  • "Today, every citizen of Delhi has become the Chief Minister." - Arvind Kejriwal, on the 2015 Assembly Elections victory

  • "If Content is the King, then Consistency is the Queen"

  • "Social Media Marketing and Social Engineering are not two very different things."

  • "Make sure you listen to your audience well, Social is about Dialogues and not Monologues."

  • "On Social, you can't Influence if you can't Engage."

  • "One big prerequisite for having a good conversation, on Social or otherwise, is Politeness."

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Ankit Lal is a Social Media Strategist, trainer, consultant, campaign evangelist, researcher and a budding author. He is also an emerging Entrepreneur in the field of Social Media Marketing and Management. He is a National Council Member as well as the National Joint Secretary of Innovation and the IT Admin for the Aam Aadmi Party.

He was a volunteer with India Against Corruption (IAC) movement led by Anna Hazare and handled its Social Media from August 2011 onwards. In January 2012, he quit his job as an ERP consultant and joined Arvind Kejriwal full time. Despite getting admission for MS in New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2012, he chose to stay in India and contribute to the anti-corruption struggle.

In November 2012, when AAP was formed, he became a part of the party's National Council and was assigned the responsibility of handling Social Media and IT team. For the next three elections, 2013 and 2015 Delhi assembly and 2014 Lok Sabha, he led one of the most talked about organic Social Media campaigns, there-after passing on the baton to his team members, in search of something more exciting.

He is among India's top 100 online influence makers (ranked 56th as of 30th August 2015 as per Kred score) and there is an entire chapter about his work in journalist Shaili Chopra's book 'The Big Connect'. Oxford University's Reuter’s Institute for the Study of Journalism did a research paper titled - Changing Paradigm: Social Media and political communication - A situation in Delhi Link:

He has written a research paper on 'Social Media as a tool for Socio-Political empowerment of Rural masses' and is currently working on a book on Social Media basics and its evolution in India.

After Delhi assembly 2015 elections he started his own Social Media firm, through which he provides Social Media related services apart from training and consultancy. He has also been a speaker at conferences like those organized by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and the Indian Today Conclave.

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